26September 2019

Our consortium is planning to apply for UK Energy Innovation Awards event at 26th Spetember 2019. The entries and applications will be closed at 10th May 2019. We believe "UK Energy Innovation Awards" is a good opportunity for the introduction of the Intel-line product to the industry.

What is UK Energy Innovation Awards?

"Firmly established as a must-attend event for key players in the energy industry, the UK Energy Innovation Awards will be returning in 2019 with 12 revamped categories that reflect the rapidly changing industry.

The awards have become a highlight in the industry’s calendar ― an unmissable opportunity for SMEs and high-growth innovative businesses to showcase their energy innovations and to promote their skills and technologies.​

The UK Energy Innovation Awards consistently brings together more than 300 of the industry’s finest to celebrate the latest and greatest technologies that are helping to transform our energy future."