'Fit and Forget' intelligent monitoring system

     Safer, sustainable and efficient overhead power line maintenance tool

     Real-time Condition Monitoring of power lines

     24/7 continuous monitoring to detect corrosion and broken strands

     Ultrasonic Guided Waves Technology to monitor High Voltage power lines

     Energy harvesting system for continuous power supply

     Wireless data transmission for remote monitoring and defect warnings

     Immediate feedback and analysis of results

     Simple to install as retro or new fit

     Adaptable to all conductor types and sizes– universal solution

     Cost effective solution in comparison to current methods

     Enabling maintenance to be optimized and scheduled at the right time

     Reducing the costs of unnecessary maintenance and unexpected breakdowns

     Maintenance/repair teams can be directed to exact location of faults

     Operates in wide temperature range and climates



  • Technical Specifications :

    Defect detection : Guided Waves Ultrasonics

    Cable temperature operation : - 20ºC to 100ºC

    Energy Harvesting : From conductor under monitoring.

    Self- powered from 100A to1000A

    RMS 50 / 60Hz

    Internal power source : Ultra-capacitor charged from Energy Harvester.

    Wireless communications : LoRa protocol

    Unit weight : Approximately 8 kg

    Unit size : 30 cm Ø

    Cable types :

    A CSR: Diameters 15mm to 50mm at present (Larger cables possible)